10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed

 10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed

Hi. I'm Jessica, Founder of LearnSuperMart. Thank you for your interest in our book - 10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed.


Have you recently set up a Facebook Page excitedly expecting hundreds of users to enquire about your services, but you only managed to attract a few dozen Page Likes over the past several months, mostly from your family and friends?

Are you a small business owner who thought it was going to be easy to create brand awareness of your business on Facebook, but all the posts, ads and education-related news that you have painstakingly put up and shared have not been engaging your fans?

Do you find that you are paying more and more with fewer and fewer leads every single month, despite having spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to sell your products or services?

The reality is so much different from what you had initially pictured was possible on Facebook, isn’t it?

But what if I tell you that what you had initially conceived is indeed possible? …that it is possible for hundreds of users to ask about your services in just a few weeks? …that it is possible to reduce your effort in maintaining your Facebook Page by half and still get double the Engagement? …that it is possible to get leads even without paying Facebook a single cent?

What if you can be 10X more effective in marketing on Facebook with just a budget of $1 a day?


With this book, you actually can! 

10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed reveals not 1, not 2, but 10 fundamental, yet extremely crucial Facebook marketing secrets that we have unearthed over the past year or so of our journey.

That's 10 ways for you to quickly become 10X more effective in your marketing, while reducing your ad budget to potentially $1 a day!


Here's a sneak peek at what the 10 secrets are.


1.  By Itself, Your Facebook Page Is Useless

2.  What Is the One Thing That Makes or Breaks Your Page?

3.  Your Page’s 2 Best Friends

4.  Boosting Posts Is The Biggest Newbie Marketing Mistake

5.  Facebook Will Penalise You For Doing This 

6.  Doing This Helps Tremendously With Reach, For Free

7.  Larger Audience = Better Engagement?

8.  What You Can Do To Improve Engagement

9.  Build Page Likes Or Foster Conversions?

10.  The Easiest, Fastest and Cheapest Way to Grow


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