7 Secret Chinese Comprehension Answering Techniques Revealed


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Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of LearnSuperMart. 

In this booklet, you will find 7 Secret Chinese Comprehension Answering Techniques that I have co-developed with Fun Language Learning to coach my own children for their exams. As visual learners, I think they could understand better with all the images that my husband had done up. 

These tips are meant for Primary 4 to 6 students. I hope these will be useful for your revision with your children.

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Package Contents: 

  • PDF file
  • 7 Secret Chinese Comprehension Answering Techniques / 阅读理解:作答技巧,机密揭晓
  • 27 Pages
  • 8 videos (via links)
  • Bonus 1: 'Moral Of The Story' video
  • Bonus 2: 'Giving Your Opinions (Part 2)' video
  • Bonus 3: Personality Traits List (cheat sheet for 'Giving Your Opinions' type of questions) - comes in a separate 4-page PDF file
  • Bonus 4: Complete Word-For-Word Transcript of all 10 videos - comes in a separate 17-page PDF file
  • Total Value of 4 Bonuses is $27.96!

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PS: These tips and rules can be found on my Facebook Page, but you have to search for them. This PDF booklet makes it easier for you and your child to print the tips and rules out and use. However, the 4 bonuses cannot be found anywhere else!

PSS: As a mother of 2 school-going children. I believe in being active to support my children in their schoolwork and exams. That's why I have been coming up with my own tips to help my children learn better and easier. However, you must know that I'm not a teacher, tutor nor do I own a learning centre. I did up these rules and tips through my own research and curation. So, if something looks controversial, do check with your child's teacher or email me to clarify. 

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