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Jessica is the Founder of LearnSuperMart, an online portal where parents and their children discover highly-useful articles and tips in both academic and holistic domains, and peruse listings of recommended learning centres, tutors and coaches, all of which are situated under one platform.

She is also a mom of 2 school-going children and she believes in being active to support her children in their schoolwork and exams. That was why she has been coming up with her own tips to help her children learning better and easier. Through the suggestion of some parents, she has started to consolidate her tips in neat PDF packages to be made available to other parents who want to do the same for their children.

Jessica believes in helping the less fortunate. She will be using the proceeds from the sale of these PDF packages to put children from less-fortunate families into tuition classes.

You can contact Jessica or LearnSuperMart via the following channels: